Monday, March 3, 2014

New at Schreiner's: TB's and Paul Black's SDBs

Schreiner's has introduced 19 new tall bearded iris for 2014, but the big surprise in their catalog was driven by the new interest in medians.  A collection of 5 new introductions by Paul Black ($79.95) will certainly be well received by aficionados and general public. For many Schreiner's catalog may be their only exposure to newer introductions. They will be made more aware of the under 27.5" classes of irises.

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'Wings at Dawn' is a space age beauty with fully formed spoons.  For those that like bright, multi-colored and showy, this is sure to please!  (It's offered a a free bonus with minimum purchase of $50).

'Wings at Dawn' TB Schreiner 2014
 Schreiner's offers newer TBs at prices as high as $65.  This top dollar offering is 'Glorious Sky.'  It certainly has interesting features.  Erect yellow standards and a two layered rim around a 'glitter dusted' fall are featured on this 40" TB.

'Glorious Sky' TB Schreiner 2014
In the amoena category, the deep blue-violet falls and radiating white pattern make this a beautiful 40" TB iris! 'Tidal Raves' is nicely ruffled and has the lighter under-colored falls that make ruffles more dramatic.  $50

'Tidal Raves' TB Schreiner 2014

One of the 2014 Paul Black Collection, 'Fire' is a 12" SDB eye-catcher. $20

'Fire' SDB Paul Black 2014

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