Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hybridizing and Planting Videos

Now I have the bug. After talking to Stephanie Markham at the GRIS region 2 meeting I have decided to try my hand at hybridizing. A while back we had a lesson on planting seeds. I did as instructed and planted some random seeds I had gathered. I planted the pot and forgot it. Lo and behold, digging out the garden I had some trouble weeding and discovered the forgotten container. There was one iris seedling and one daylily seedling. This year I gathered some seeds and labeled them "X bee>" as some of Stephanie's were. Then I headed for the internet to find a refresher on planting them. So here is a video for this year on how to plant them and another for the spin on how to hybridize. Both from Kendall Richard (or Mark Richard as he identifies himself). Very nicely done! I have ordered from Pleasant Valley before. I didn't realize that he hybridized! Now I will look for his introductions.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Iris Names and GRIS

Just a passing thought I had at the last meeting with M.J. Urist.

I know of 3 irises named after members in our group.  We have Sylvia's Love, bred and named by Sylvia Borglum, Don and Donna Japanese iris and now I found out we have another celebrity in our midst, the Edna Claunch Louisiana iris.

Although bigger and more established groups have other breeders and more names, our little group is doing very well for itself!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kelly D. Norris Leaves as Editor of AIS Bulletin

Kelly D. Norris, editor of IRISES: THE BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY since 2007, announced that the October/November publication is his last.  He is succeeded by Kathleen Sonntag.  He has been a fabulous editor and we wish him well.

You can read more about him and peek inside his gorgeous book at

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Louisiana Irises -- Not Your Mama's Irises!

They're called Louisiana irises but they grow in New York State, too!  MJ Urist has one of the largest Louisiana iris gardens in the state in Tully, where she grows hundreds of these exotic flowers.

MJ will be speaking before the Greater Rochester Iris Society on Sunday, October 13, at 2 pm.  It promises to be a lively, interesting presentation, open to the public, at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County, 249 Highland Avenue, Rochester NY.  Please register at so we can plan for you.

Come and learn all about these fascinating, colorful blooms. Pictured are a few of the cultivars that MJ grows.  You can see more at her web site: .