Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's That Time of Year! 2014 Intros

The new introductions are appearing!   We'll be featuring some as we discover them.

Two of our favorite hybridizers, Paul Black and Thomas Johnson have a slew of new choices this year.  They are outside of Salem, OR at Mid-America Iris Gardens.  Here are some favorites:

There are more medians this year.  Here a sweet little example of the smallest class, a miniature dwarf bearded iris.  Alas is on 7" tall.  MDBs are great in a rock garden setting.  The divide quickly and bloom in a carpet of color. Earliest of all irises these often remind us of a tundra flower.

'Alas' MDB T. Johnson 2014
A person favorite, 'A Little Good News' is spectacular example of the standard dwarf bearded iris. Not as small as the MDB, the SDB is great for colorful bloom that will stand up to the wind and rain, better than it's bigger siblings.  This blue beard and bright yellow spot is perfect by a splash of white below the beard. (This author can see this SBD planted behind the MDB above.)

'A Little Good News' SDB Johnson, .T 2014
Here's a fantastic example of the most popular class of iris, tall bearded.  This is a particularly impressive display of how two colors can make one single bloom a piece of art.  The ribs of the standards pull the flower together and the hints of rust accent the hafts.  Beautiful ruffling make it dance.  This flowers is described as branching well and producing up to 14 buds per stalk, very desirable for a judged show.  It is also 41" tall and that's one of the things that make growing the TB iris very subject to destruction by rain and high winds.  Getting it in great condition to a show is challenge.  Newer hybrids are often bread for stronger stalks.

'Deal Or No Deal' TB Black, P. 2014

Continuing as king of the striped (or contrasting veined) fall, Thomas Johnson produces this beauty.
Beserk is only available as a bonus.  What a bonus!

'Beserk' TB Johnson

Paul Back has jumped into the broken pattern trend with 'Die Laughing."  Many of these interesting irises are dark and muddy.  This one looks to bright and fun!  It's height is 36".  (TB irises must be at least 27.5" tall.)
'Die Laughing' TB Black, P. 2014
- Neil Houghton for GRIS  

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