Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winterberry: The Spoons 2014 Intros

In northern Virginia, Winterberry Gardens specializes in reblooming irises.  They also have, to our delight, a fine collection of historic iris.  Looking to fill in your Dykes Collection?  You may find some of the ones you're missing here!
This is our favorite for best dressed from Ginny Spoon! Perky falls with the wind-blown look that would make Marilyn jealous with a whipped dollop apricot standards.  The colors of photographing a canyon at sunset are stunning.  Bravo, Ginny!

'Rainbow Canyon' TB (Ginny Spoon 2014)37" M yellow orange standards; medium rose purple falls with glowing yellow sunburst and greyed orange borders (Conjuration X My Ginny).. $50

'Rainbow Canyon' TB Ginny Spoon 2014
Here's something that will brighten up a garden. Simple elegance.

'Kaw' TB (Ramon Jones 2014) 35" ML diamond dusted bright yellow flowers with pure white centers and bright yellow 1/4" borders; white beards tipped orange red (Chariots of Fire X Bombay Gold).. $50

'Kaw' Ramon Jones 2014
Fireballs.  A favorite as a kid and a big bucket was on my desk as a treat for the well behaved student, until that became frowned upon.  I can taste the sweetness and watch the red dissolve to white.

'Fireball Candy' TB Re zone 6 (Don Spoon 2014)34" M & Re greyed red standards; cardinal red falls with greyed orange edges and undersurfaces, creamy white to yellow sunburst around orange beards... $50

'Fireball Candy' TB (RE)  Don Spoon 2014
Can't tell you exactly what caught our eye here.  Maybe the gentle inward curving architecture of the standards and the radiating white on the falls.  We just like it!

'Clipper' TB (Don Spoon 2014) 35" ML medium violet blue self with showy white zonal; white beards tipped orange (Tall Ships X Suky).. $50

'Clipper' TB Don Spoon 2014
In the pursuit of red this looks pretty darned... red!

'Red Hot Momma' TB (Don Spoon 2014) 36" ML flag red complete self; flag red beards tipped orange (Rogue X Dynamite)fertile both ways... $50

'Red Hot Momma' TB Don Spoon 2014
The intermediate, 'Ricochet Rabbit' has sweetness with a heart of flame.

'Ricochet Romance' IB 27" E-M buff pink standards, edged light orange, pale violet plicata markings; pastel yellow falls, pale pastel violet plicata rim that darkens to soft wine at hafts; tangerine beards, small horns(Paul Hill/Winterberry 2014) $30

'Ricochet Romance' IB Paul Hill/Winterberry 2014
Yep.  Hunger Games can be in your garden with this standard dwarf.  A flash of vibrant color to think of Jennifer Lawrence in a dress of fire darting through your garden.

'Katniss' SDB (Ginny Spoon 2014)10" ML vibrant purple violet with darker fall spots; prominent white beards tipped spectrum red (Zap X Cara)fertile both ways...$20

'Katniss" SDB Ginny Spoon 2014
All photos are from the Winterberry website.  Find out what else is new by clicking here.

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