Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keith Keppel 2014 Intros.

Keith Keppel has been a consistent award winner for many years.  Visit his website to learn more about his scaled back operations. We are happy indeed that he continues to introduce some fine new hybrids.  This year he introduced 7 TBs and 2 IBs.

Some of our favorites:

So many introductions are bold and flashy.  Here is a 'Gentle Reminder' of the pastel combination that brought us 'Celebration Song,' a Dykes winner.  Here pale yellow standards and lavender falls create a beautifully shaped bloom.  The beard highlights the blend of these two colors.  Lovely.

'Gentle Reminder' TB Keppel 2014
Here the color combination of 'Celebration Song' is brought to mind but with richer tones and with incredible ruffles and delicate veining.  The orange on the beard draws the eye into the center of the t 'Arrivederci' a ravishing confection.

'Arrivederci' TB Keppel 2014
'Boston Cream' is creamy fluff ball.  The full standards and broad falls come together in perfect form.

'Boston Cream' TB Keppel 2014
Want some Keppel elegance in a more manageable size? 'Love's Moment' is an intermediate bearded with gentle drama.  It appears that this cultivar produces a beautiful clump.

'Love's Moment' IB Keppel 2014
See all of Keith Keppel's new and recent intros visit his web gallery.

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