Monday, May 22, 2017

Arilbreds from Vaughn's Garden

'Parable' T.Johnosn 2011 AB
'Parable' (2011) AB from Tom Johnson increases rapidly, has purple based foliage and puts on a good show.

'Patriot's Gem' F. Gadd 1993 AB
'Patriot's Gem' (1993) from Fred Gadd also makes nice clumps and grows well.

"Chain Reaction' 2007 & 'Free As The Wind' 2015 R.Tasco ABs 
'Chain Reaction' (2007) and 'Free As The Wind' (2015) from Rick Tasco are also good growers in upstate NY.

'Golden Compass', T. Johnson 2012 is an easy to grow arilbred median that you can't miss when it's in bloom.

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