Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meeting: April 30, 2 PM Honeoye Falls

Join us for ur next regular meeting. It's perfect for beginnings!

Our usual presentation time will be devoted to informal discussions.  Ask questions, share photos, and look forward to the 2017 bloom season!  Bring along catalogs you have received share your favorites. We'll be able to search the internet and project your selections.  Have your own photos you'd like to share? Send them to neil.houghton@me.com.  Any inquiries can also be directed to that email address.

Model Questions:

  • What iris borers? How can I combat them?
  • Some of my irises don't bloom (anymore). Why?
  • How can I extend my iris season?
  • When and what should I feed my iris?
  • Are there any iris that will tolerate shade?
  • What companion plants are best for iris. 

We'll also be talking about our annual iris show, sale and hosting the Region 2 meeting in October.  Our guest in the fall will be Chad Harris from Mount Pleasant Iris Farm along the Columbia River in Washougal, Washington. The presentation on Oct, 21 will be open to the public on a limited basis, but members get priority.

While our meetings are open to all, dues are only $10/year.  For another $10 you can join the American Iris Society (AIS).  This is a limited offer for what is usually $30.  Come and learn of how you can save on irises from participating growers with an AIS membership.

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