Sunday, May 17, 2015

To Oregon and the AIS Convention

For the first time I will attend the American Iris Society National Convention.  It begins tomorrow and end Saturday.  Folding in a trip to visit friends on the Oregon Coast and friend in Portland I arrived on May 9.  The next day I drove to Coos Bay, but on the way I could not resist a stop at Schreiner's. This largest of all iris retailers in the United States sits on the east side on I-5.  Acres and acres of color catch the eye and a stopover during bloom season is always with the time.  An hour or a day.  There are hundreds and hundreds of cultivars to see.

Near the parking lot was bed of seedlings.  This was the first to catch my eye.  YY197-D with white/yellow standards and mahogany falls has a nice growing habit and good substance.

The opportunity to see seedlings in the garden is a great joy!  Will they be introduced?  If so, when and what will their names be?


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