Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Garden Memories

2014 Garden Memories    

               . . . in the Hutchings gardens

A friendly greeting awaits you at the Hutchings home.

Potted petunias totem. 
How did they do that?
An exotic branched sculpture remains after Nate pruned a contorted filbert 
that had been hit by the eastern filbert blight.

The tree now forms a vibrant focal point in the back yard . . .

and has become a unique support for pretty hanging baskets.
(Latest word is that there is new growth at the base of the tree!)

A clump of TB 'Rare Treat' makes a lovely show.

Smooth, sword-like iris foliage creates a strong textural contrast against
the rugged pale boulder and feathery silver-leaved artemesia. 

               . . . in the Houghton gardens

Pretty iris

Irises and daylilies highlight the plantings that surround a naturalistic pond
in a picturesque corner of Diamond Rise Gardens.

Another pretty iris

More pretty irises

Mr. Jack O'Lantern keeps a watchful eye on comings and growings.
Don't forget to wave goodbye as you leave.

. . . at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario 

TB 'Insaniac', one of my favorites last spring at the RBG Laking Gardens
which are presently undergoing an extensive renovation.

We'd love to see photos from your gardens!  
Please contact us to show them here.

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