Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PCN or CA?

When posting and researching THE SYDNEY B. MITCHELL MEDAL I noticed that the medal was awarded to 'CA' iris and not 'PCN'.  CA is California in my knowledge base and I am used to seeing PCN for Pacific Coast Native iris in AIS wiki.  So here's what the wiki explains:

Pacific Coast Natives, or Series Californicae (CA), deserve to be more widely grown. But they are tricky in many places in all but the far western area of the country in the native range. England and New Zealand has also had considerable success. In other areas their requirements can be exacting but when they are met, they grow most attractively with graceful and dainty flowers held one to two feet high, in most colors and patterns. They compete for the Sidney B. Mitchell Medal. Articles about PCNs, Cultivation

'Baby Blanket' (Joseph Ghio, R. 1998) Sdlg. PC-179#. CA, 16" (41 cm)

OK!  It all makes sense except, why code the Wiki PCN and the Award CA?  I'll keep reading!

- Neil Houghton

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  1. Yes, that would be a good idea. To me, it sounds like they are the same.