Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 GRIS Show

It's a family affair . . . Wendy Roller, our tireless show chair, with son Michael and granddaughter Cora. Cora won a rosette for having the best siberian iris in the show. Wendy, in addition to winning 1st and 2nd Runner Up rosettes, received three Best of Section rosettes and the Silver Medal for having the most blue ribbons -- 11 -- in the show!
Some concentrate on bud counts, others see only the camera . . .
Taking a breather . . . Judy Tucholski-Zon, WNYIS president, show judge and much more, and her hard-working husband Bob, recharging with a quick power nap.


  1. I have a couple more photos I want to use but alas, I can't seem to get them transferred from tablet to lapton, and I can't use the tablet to do this. The pictures won't go, they just won't.

    I'll continue working on it. Otherwise, it's doing fine and I'm having fun.

  2. Great Job! Wendy's granddaughter is Cora (listed in the winners post).
    Can you email pics to me and I'll send them back?
    I am so glad this works.

  3. I can't find out how to correct the comment so it says laptop instead of lapton.

    The photos above were taken with my Canon camera and put onto the laptop with the card.

    The tablet has no way to do that. No way that I know of anyway.

  4. Wow! Your'e on line. Fast response. Didn't expect that.

    When I try to email the plhotos from the tablet, I get a response that says that gmail ... I'll try it again and get back to you with what it says.

  5. Photos should be showing up in your inbox.