Friday, October 6, 2017

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Iris tridentata

If you are interested in extending your iris bloom season, Iris tridentata may be what you are looking for.  It is a beardless species iris native to wetlands from Florida to North Carolina.  According to Marty Schafer and Jan Sacks at Joe Pye Weed's Gardens, it grows in a wide variety of soil conditions.  My plant is growing in pine bark mulch at the edge of a bog garden.  If you observe the flower closely, you will notice that it lacks standards.  Unlike the iris you grow, this one spreads in all directions with long rhizomes and does not form a clump.  It is just starting to bloom.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Purple Paws

Paul Blacks 2014 introduction is 'Purple Paws.' It's lovely as single bloom.  Creamy yellow standards are peppered with a medium purple plicata.  The falls are whiter, edging in yellow. The purple lays on the shoulders and speckles to the edge.  laying on this a white beard is tipped with dark purple. 

'Purple Paws' (Paul Black, 2014 SDB)

The season's performance was excellent.  Planted in 2014, the clump has established itself well. The show began May 6 and continued for two weeks.  Less than a foot high the clump has a diameter of about 2 feet.  It's getting about time to divide...

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Des Moines AIS 2017

There's just too much to wade through in the photo album!  We visited the Collins garden today and the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens to see hundreds of guest iris.  We are past peak bloom here, but there were many mid-late blooming TBs putting on a show.

At Collins 'Bluebird Of Happiness' was putting on a wonderful show and getting well-deserved attention.  

At the Botanical Gardens eager to see what's blooming flocked on the Banks of the Des Moines River.

Two Sass Medal Winners

Two new photos from Kelly Roller

'Oklahoma Bandit' Hooker 1979 IB
Sass Medal 1988

'Ask Alma' Lankow 1986 IB
Sass Medal 1994

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An IB from Paul Black New in My Garden!

Man's Best Friend is from Paul Black in 2008, but it didn't make it into my garden until 2016.  I sure hope it sticks around. Even my husband who general doesn't care for color mixes like this said. "That is stunning."

'Man's Best Friend' Black 2008 IB

'Man's Best Friend' Black 2008 IB

IB Stars In My Garden

Intermediate bearded (IB) iris are a great choice for the casual gardener.  One established, they tend to clump nicely and bloom vigorously.  Here are some garden stars:

Despite being in a spot where TBs have not thrived, 'Outer Edge' is in its third year and going gangbusters.
'Outer Edge' P. Black 2011 IB
No, it's not just another purple plicata.  Its wonderful substance hold up to the weather and the 23" height keeps it wind resistant. The 'purple' is a wide band of a rich red-purple (I would say mulberry).
Paul Black hit this one out of the park.

'Outer Edge' P. Black 2011 IB
Another Terry Aitken Hawaiian themed cultivar is 'Many Mahalos.' An orange self (meaning standard and falls are the same color) its beards are a deeper orange. The form is more traditional.  The falls while being held up do curve downward.  It really makes the color statement more complete and, as you can see the bloom is prolific. The iris geeks would say it is floriferous. I say: lots of color, easy to grow.  The complimentary color of the allium is a plus.

'Many Mahalos' Aitken 2003 IB 
'Many Mahalos' Aitken 2003 IB